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For more than a dozen years, we have been providing flexible end-to-end Quality Assurance and Testing services. Whether you’re using an Agile or Waterfall application development methodology, we have the experience and proven expertise on both ensuring a seamless testing based on efficiency and integrity.


Knowledge Management

Technical and Knowledge

Transfer Documentation,

Process Documentation,

Transition Plans, 

Creation of Knowledge Database

Tools & Accelerators

A complete QA solution suite to manage the requirements, test cases, test execution and defects.


& Metrics

Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), business and operational metrics


& Best Practices

Shift-Left Approach,

Continuous automation of test cases

Technological Trends

Continuous update on current testing trends, tools and accelerators which can be utilized for process improvement in project implementations

Skilled Resources

A large pool of multi-skilled QA & testing resources sustained by Seven Seven’s Career Development Program (77-CDP) which trains top graduates of universities to become QA practitioners

Governance & Communications

Clearly defined governance structure at every level of the program,  

Constant Reporting, Meetings and 

Business Reviews 

Training & Certifications

Collaboration-focused training and approach following an ISTQB certification path,

Cross-skills Training Programs

Process Improvement Initiatives

Initiate quality assurance activities,

process modifications and 

testing process optimizations to increase productivity and efficiency

Technology Agnostic TCOE

  • Mainframe – Cobol, CICS, DB2,

  • Cloud – Salesforce, SAP 

  • Distributed – Java, .NET

  • Mobile – iOS, Android

Operationalized Automation Framework

  • Faster time to market

  • Less prone to human error

  • Increased efficiency

Early Involvement in the Development Lifecycle

  • Shift-Left Approach

Case Study

QA and Testing Duration Reduced By 55%

For A Virtual Messaging System Integration

A world-class universal bank’s virtual messaging needed an unbiased QA and Testing team necessary to conduct a seamless System Integration Testing. Since the virtual messaging supports a variety of mobile OS in multiple versions, the testing needed to ensure that that the application works on all these variants while adhering to timelines and being cost-effective without affecting the quality metrics.

QA Case Study


Pain points

  • Lack of a capable internal QA & testing team who can ensure a seamless System Integration Testing

  • Tight timelines to launch the application which needs to run on a variety of mobile OS in multiple variants

  • Limited budget for a foreseen number of thousands of test case scenarios

What we did

  • Performed SIT and thoroughly tested the application on various mobile devices of differing versions of iOS & Android 

  • Created automated test scripts for faster testing execution

  • Completed more than 16,000 test cases under a tight testing schedule

Value realized

  • Increased efficiency from 20 days test execution to 9 days – generating effort savings equivalent to 11 days

  • Identified high-priority defects and recurring issues which served as a factual base to make informed decisions about particular courses of action

  • Timelines were met without exceeding the appropriated budget

  • Completed more than 16,000 test cases through automation under a very tight testing schedule while keeping test cycles under control

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