Single Recruitment Process


Choose one or several services to fill in the gaps in your recruitment. Services include: Sourcing and Processing, Recruitment Administration, and Auxiliary Services.

Single Recruitment Process

Sourcing & Processing

Sourcing Only

A standalone service for sourcing utilizing and enhancing the client’s strategies and channels tapping both active and passive candidates to support building of talent pipelines for current and future hiring requisitions

  • Gathering and analyzing the details of the hiring requisitions

  • Generating leads coming from different sourcing channels (passive and active) to build pipelines for both live and future hiring requisitions

  • Reviewing resumes for job matching

  • Endorsement of sourced profiles to the recruiters

Job Posting

A standalone service to support creation and posting of job advertisements for large volume of hiring requisitions to both internal and external job portals.

  • Creating the content for the job advertisements

  • Posting the job advertisements in different portals

  • Gathering of hiring requisition details


A standalone service to support pre-screening of large volume of candidates coming from different sourcing channels/vendors to ensure candidate availability and job match.

  • Conducting initial interviews to pre-qualify the candidates

  • Ranking the candidates according to job match and endorsing them to the clients

Single Recruitment Process

Recruitment Administration

Recruitment Hotline

A standalone service catering to candidate inquiries.

  • Conducting inbound and outbound calls to address candidate inquiries

  • Referring the candidates to the right department where the inquiries can be addressed


A standalone service covering administration tasks to support interview scheduling and coordination between candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. 

  • Booking interview rooms or setting up call conferences details

  • Communicating the confirmed interview details to both the interviewers and the candidates

  • Arranging interview schedules by confirming and matching the availability of the interviewers and the candidates


A standalone service for onboarding processes which will cover compliance on pre-employment requirements/credentials collection and monitoring, reference checks and candidate courtesy calls.

  • Conducting candidate courtesy calls

  • Conducting reference checks

  • Discussing the pre-employment requirements to the identified candidates

  • Monitoring the medical checks and collecting the pre-employment requirements of the identified candidates

  • Endorsing the pre-employment requirements to the clients

Auxiliary Services

Employer Branding

Assisting your organization in building or enhancing your reputation as a great place to work and value proposition to increase awareness among candidates

Recruitment Marketing

Assisting your organization in building awareness on the hiring requirements to increase candidate traction

Market Scanning

Assessing feasibility of hiring a specific profile by checking the availability of candidates in the market and their rates

Talent Mapping

A strategic service used to find the right talents, match them in the right roles and retain them through right career pathing

ATS & Recruitment Dashboard

Providing consultancy or assistance in recommending applicant tracking systems and recruitment dashboard to support the organization in building their reports and analytics

Recruitment Reports & Analytics

Generating reports and analyzing the data to support the organization in building better recruitment strategies 



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