• Inadequate and expensive MF resources

  • Upcoming retirement of current experienced onshore MF resources

  • Mainframe resources are overworked on modernization initiatives while “keeping the lights on”

  • Barely any process modifications that increase efficiency


Recruited first batch of experienced Mainframe developers to be the Core Team who went to the United States for knowledge transfer and became Subject Matter Experts of the client’s Tier 1 applications


Ramped up the size of the team through additional offshore experienced hires to take over Tier 2 applications



Initiated Career Development Program (CDP) as a sustainable solution to manage cost and sustain talents

  • 200+ resources supported 120+ applications in investment banking and wealth management divisions of the bank

  • Generated IT budget savings through offshoring and optimizing

  • Addressed MF talent sustainability issue through the Career Development Program

  • Performed process improvements to increase productivity

  • Increased technical efficiencies by developing in-house specific tools and accelerators