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IT Solutions Architect (Technical Presales)

Job Responsibilities:


Produces Technical Assessment Report (TAR)

for projects that involve applications through the following:

  • Conducts pre-work for the Technical Assessment Session (TAS).

  • Analyzes (and clarifies as necessary) the requirements in the Technical Request Form (TRF).

  • Identifies and Aligns solution options with roadmap/plans.

  • Monitors and manages the progress of the development of TAR through regular communication with business sponsors/users, technical teams and 3rd party partners/vendors.

  • Helps define the project scope/business requirement during software solution planning.

Provides inputs for Capacity Models by:

  • Performing re-assessment of identified capacity drivers to determine applicability on current systems.

  • Provides inputs and recommendations related to the specific domains using Business Planning and Roadmap discussions.

  • Identifies potential issues, conflicts, or misalignments across system roadmaps and recommends course of action to resolve them.

  • Initiates Request for Information (RFI) process for projects/initiatives involving new technologies.


  • Cost, Timeline, Scope

  • Analyze, Identify and Design software solution that tailor fit to the client's requirements.

  • Impact Assessment to the architecture roadmap

  • Responsible for Technical Presales such as product demos and client proposal.

  • Presentation of current capabilities and how they relate to the business requirements

  • Recommendations on new and emerging technologies for integration into the department architecture.

- Must be willing to work in Mandaluyong / BGC Taguig.

- Morning regular shift Monday to Friday

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